Puzzle Match-a-number Spiel Threes! kommt für die Xbox One

Puzzle Game mit niedlichen Charakteren kommt auf die Xbox One

Threes! is a tiny game about matching numbers that grows on you. Learn it in a minute. Play it for a lifetime. Featuring cute, charming characters, a catchy score, and deceptively deep gameplay, Threes! is a tiny game that will wrap up your heart and mind in a warm hug and never let go.
Key Features:
Innovative Puzzle Gameplay: Threes! features a fresh, elegant new type of puzzle game that anyone can learn in moments, but may never master in a lifetime.
Adorable Characters: Threejay and his pals are along for the ride as you merge and meet new friends.
Charming Soundtrack: Nothing will brighten your day more than playing Threes! along with its smooth tunes.
Simplicity is Key: Threes! has everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Competitive: Challenge your friends via leaderboards and Twitter
Internationally Friendly: Threes! is available in 14 languages


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